Areas of Interest

    • Brighter Future Project
      Project Brighter Future is the latest initiative of the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI). It brings together a team of experts in economics, law, literature, and other disciplines to design, based on inter-disciplinary research and discussion, an alternative political system for Iran. The goal of Project Brighter Future is to identify an optimal political system, with consideration to ideals such as self-determination, sovereignty, individual representation and participation, proactive policy formulation and responsiveness to changing conditions, all in the interests of a brighter, more prosperous and secure future for the Iranian people.
    • Corporate Responsibility Projects
      We encourage Corporate Responsibility by working with global corporations and investment funds to ensure that they are not enriching the current regime (e.g. monitor investments in Iran by corporations and pension funds as well as track personal assets of government leaders).
    • Human Rights Projects
      We raise funds to support continued operations of organizations that track Human Rights conditions in Iran.
    • Radio-Television and Internet Projects
      We are developing Persian programming for radio and television and Internet that represents an open discourse on politics, economics and social issues. We are also developing the delivery mechanisms for this programming.
    • Supporting Iranian Refugees
      We raise funds to support continued operations of organizations that track Iranian Refugees conditions around the world.



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