Allow Iranian Women Into Stadiums

Thursday, 26 March 2015 09:51
No person should be oppressed or discriminated against on the basis of his or her gender. In Iran, women do not enjoy equal rights with men. They are denied many opportunities simply because they are women.
The Islamic Republic's prohibition on Iranian women in stadiums is a particularly‎ compelling example of such denial of equal rights and opportunities. Women in Iran are as passionate as men when it comes to sports and the country's national teams - whether soccer, volleyball or others - but are forbidden from attending sporting events. The current rules represent a significant reversal of broad equality enjoyed by women prior to the inception of the Islamic Republic; historically, Iranian women were free to attend all sporting events and sit with men. Moreover, ‎non-Iranian women do not face the same prohibition. Foreign women are in fact allowed to attend all sporting events in Iran, which makes this form of discrimination particularly offensive in that it targets Iranian women both because they are women and because they are Iranian. ‎  
Women in Iran today are confronting and struggling against oppression in all of the arenas where they suffer from it, including in the soccer and volleyball stadiums. Iranian women do not view themselves as unequal or inferior to men or to non-Iranian women and demand commensurate rights that recognize their equal standing. NUFDI calls on the Islamic Republic to open the gates of Iranian stadiums to Iranian women as a first step in recognizing and respecting the dignity of the female half of the Iranian nation. NUFDI denounces all oppression and discrimination on the basis of gender and calls for the Islamic Republic to treat all citizens of Iran as equally Iranian.